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Walkera Goggle 4 Video Pinout

1 - Audio
2 - Audio
3 - Video
4 - Ground

Remote Control Joystick

It appeared that I need to connect my Spektrum DX9 to PC. Unfortunately I have no USB cable for that. And also I read that it may die when connected to PC through trainer port.

Fortunately I have Orange 6-channel RX and Arduino UNO. So I decided to create own joystick that I can use with LiftOff simulator.

Hardware To create your own Remote Control Joystick you need:
Any receiver (currently up to eight channels is supported).Arduino UNO or Arduino MEGA with 8u2, 16u2  or 32u2 USB chip.9 wires.Note: some cheap Arduino built with other USB-Serial bridge. Make sure your uses Atmeg as USB interface.

First you must prepare your Arduino so it appears as USB HID device for your PC. By default Arduino appears as VCP only. To do so yo uhave to flash your 16u2 with HoodLoader. 

There are 2 ways to flash it: Standalone Arduino or from other Arduino. Select which is better for you. I used first method.

Note: There is 100nF capacitor required to flash Arduino as standalone. However on…